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Founded in 1971, The Eight Continent Inc. (TEC INC.) operates as agent, importer and local wholesale distributor, servicing the F&B industry and other catering and retail establishments on the “one happy island” of Aruba. We take special pride in reaching ninety-six (96) percent of the Aruban market, including hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants, with our sizeable fleet of truck (some for frozen and chilled products). We also supply pharmacies around the island with generic medicines.While growth is an important element of business, our focus is on becoming the most competitive food & beverage distributor on the island. The Eight Continent Inc. will accomplish this through dedication in providing our customers and suppliers with the best possible service. Our excellent service is achieved by upgrading our organization continuously and providing valued product knowledge and timely sales support to our sales and logistics teams. From community oriented projects to local entertainment and sporting events, from charity organizations to people living with a handicap, The Eight Continent Inc has always been ready to sponsor local projects and help the community.For more than 15 years, TEC is the exclusive distributor of Polar Beer from Venezuela, a mainstream Pilsner beer that has won great popularity on Aruba for both quality and refreshing taste. We also distribute the non-alcoholic malt beverage of the same brand; Malta Polar. To achieve our goal of outstanding service we take equal satisfaction in encouraging our customers to enjoy beer in a responsible manner.Likewise the protection of our local environment has always come naturally to us; we are a member of Aruba’s number one environment protection organization.
Besides beer and malt, TEC INC. offers a variety of liquor products such as Whaler’s Rum, High Commissioner Whiskey & Ivanabitch Vodka. Among non-alcoholic beverages we are the exclusive representative of the herbal vitalizing drinks Great Seng and Great Ging, Tropical Delight, and Homemaker fruit juices. We are also the exclusive agent for Maxwell House coffee systems. Celestial Seasonings, Anchor, and Postobon sodas are also part of our extensive product line.
We offer a variety of frozen dairy products from Holland (specialty cheeses, meat, pork, and chicken), chilled and frozen convenience foods, as well as, a variety of ice cream, pastries, candies and snacks. We also represent SeaBest, Sargento Cheese, CBI products, Tulip, and NorPack foods exclusively, among other brands. We also represent Hershey’s chocolates exclusively and Jules De Strooper premium butter biscuits. We are also proud distributor of Paloma Rice from Suriname which has had a continuous growth in the market share. Another US brand we carry is Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels under which Tom’s potato chips

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